Friday, July 29, 2016

Reign of the Vampire a good recap of Lugosi's life

My Facebook friend, and fellow big Lugosi fan, Leo Wiltshire, has written "Reign of the Vampire: A Tribute to the Perseverance of Bela Lugosi." It's an excellent introduction to Bela and his life. It serves the purpose of whetting the appetite to learn more about Lugosi, and there are ample resources from Gary Rhodes, Frank Dello Stritto, Arthur Lennig, Robert Cremer and others.

Wiltshire's book is also a self-help book. Wiltshire has an M.A. in Organizational Leadership and concludes the book detailing how lessons from Bela's life can help us with our challenges.

You can buy the book here. Be aware that Wiltshire occasionally has sales days where the book costs less or the Kindle is free.

Below is my review on the book's Amazon page:

A short recap of Lugosi's life, but nevertheless very thorough.

This is a short volume and is not intended to be an in-depth look at Lugosi's life. However, the author does a thorough, excellent job in providing a short biography of Bela Lugosi's life. He has done his research and readers interested in learning more should pursue the footnotes, which point to excellent Lugosi biographers such as Gary Don Rhodes and Frank Dello Stritto. I recommend this book for those wanting to learn more about the Count and for even more advanced Lugosi fans, as another resource.

-- Doug Gibson

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