Friday, December 13, 2013

Alistair Sim is a great Scrooge, again, in animated A Christmas Carol

By Doug Gibson

The second time Alistair Sim played Ebenezer Scrooge was in 1971 in a 24 or so minute version of "A Christmas Carol." Sim is marvelous in this version, which is perhaps the best faithful cartoon version of Dickens' classic Christmas ghost story.

More than 20 years earlier, a much younger Sim had starred as Scrooge in the British Renown version of Scrooge, or a Christmas Carol. Despite strong competition from George C. Scott's 1984 Scrooge, I still hold Sim to be the best Scrooge ever captured on screen, and the Renown version the best. But, as mentioned, this short cartoon, which also has Michael Redgrave in it, is superb.

Enjoy it; take less than a half hour and capture the Christmas spirit in a manner it's meant to be captured.

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