Friday, July 6, 2012

At long last, found, Ed Wood's "Final Curtain"

The Ed Wood short film, Final Curtain, was previously thought lost. Portions of it had turned up in the Wood film, Night of the Ghouls. It's been found and premiered at a film festival last month in Florida. It's now on YouTube, in its entirety, and we share the bit of film history with our Plan9Crunch fans. Enjoy. I watched the film and it's quite a treat. The narration, provided by Dudley Manlove (Eros in Plan 9 From Outer Space) captures the unique, cultish, muddled, mysticism of Woodian dialogue. And the entire film is Wood's narration. Moore does a good job portraying an aged actor losing his grip on reality as he treks through a deserted theater at midnight. It's a creepy trek thanks to William C. Thompson's cinematography skills. Jeanne Stevens is suitable creepy as a vampire dummy who might have come to life. Perhaps it's due to the short running time, but suspense actually builds as Moore heads toward the climax. "Final Curtain" has the opportunity to provide for Ed Wood what "Vapors" did for Andy Milligan --- the chance to boast of a technically above-average film. -- Doug Gibson

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