Saturday, May 26, 2012

Finally, Andy Milligan's 'Nightbirds' is coming to DVD

Screem magazine as an article about the upcoming release of Andy Milligan's semi-lost film, "Nightbirds," an interesting 1970 film of a woman's destructive psychological domination of a young man. It's rumored the film only played once. The film's imdb page is here. "Nightbirds" stars Berwick Kaler and Julie Shaw. Kaler is featured on the DVD release doing commentary. The DVD, which also includes Milligan's "The Body Beneath," can be purchased at ebay and also at this amazon UK site. Release date in May 2. (The trailer above was likely created for "the grindhouse" crowd that Milligan's films ultimately were marketed and is likely not nearly as prurient as the trailer teases)

It would be cool if IFC or TCM Underground could be convinced to air "Nightbirds." According to those few who have seen it, it's less a garish MIlligan costumed period piece and more of a surreal affair, such as Miligan's "Vapors" and "Fleshpot on 42nd Street." We'll be sure to have a review once we get a copy at Plan9Crunch! This is an important development for cult film fans and historians.

-- Doug Gibson

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