Sunday, February 20, 2011

Surgikill gets its long-awaited DVD release!

Andy Milligan's final film, the black comedy, Surgikill, received a DVD premiere at the Art Theater in Long Beach, Calif., on Feb. 17. Sherman Hirsh, who co-wrote the film, was there and offers these observations:

Well, the big night has come and gone and the afterglow is still bright. My cousin, Steve, and I drove down to Long Beach from the San Fernando Valley and found the Art Theater, where Lo and Behold SURGIKILL was emblazoned on the marquee, and the poster I designed was in the frame by the entrance.

Now, I figured this was going to be my only premiere and I wanted a red carpet, so I brought my own. Hollywood is lousy with tourist trap souvenir shops and they often carry Hollywood themed party kitch decorations. Amid the giant tickets and cardboard cameras and fake "Oscars" there was a 15' roll of garish red plastic sheeting pretending to be a red carpet. I never thought the people at the screening would go along, but when I joked that I had brought the red carpet, they grabbed it and laid it down at the main entrance.

I shot video of Bouvier and Doug Eames arriving and walking the Red Carpet. We even had a papparazzo. A photographer from a local paper shot a few pictures of the event and sat behind me at the screening. I got to see his reactions to the show. He liked it. We pigged out at the buffet and at 9PM sharp the Q&A started.

We answered a bunch of questions from the audience and seemed to be well received. One of the actors from my zombie movie showed up with his wife and asked a few questions. Among other things, Doug talked about how he got the part of Dr. Albert Schweitzer, and I talked about how I came up with the character. Bouvier talked about how she became involved and we had a great time.

Then the movie started and I got to see my name on the big screen. When it was over, we signed a few autographs and Bouvier sold a dozen DVD's. Once people saw SURGIKILL, they liked it. Overall, it was a great night.

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