Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bride of the Monster!

By Doug Gibson

Plan9Crunch fans in Utah, make sure that you don't miss the inimitable Ed Wood's classic "Bride of the Monster." It airs Friday, Feb. 11, at 9 p.m. on UEN Channel 9's Sci-Fi Friday night. I love this threadbare film starring Bela Lugosi. It was his last speaking role! Also, cast in a bit part was Wood's soon-to-be-ex paramour Dolores Fuller. Lugosi gives it his all despite the rushed shooting schedule and very low budget. Tor Johnson lumbers around effectively and the "Monster" certainly looks different up close compared to its stock shots But it's a film you can't hate, and like everything Wood made -- IT IS UNIQUE!

Here's a short review: This 1955 film is probably the best film Ed Wood directed in a technical sense. An emaciated, drug-addicted Bela Lugosi gives it his all in an inspiring performance as embittered, exiled mad scientist, Dr. Eric Vornoff, who "vill perfect ... a race of atomic superman who vill rule the vorld!" Tor Johnson, all 500-pounds of him, lumbers around the cheap sets menacing a young lovely newsgal with a detective for a boyfriend. Rubber octopuses and a photo enlarger substitute for a monster and an atomic energizer.

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Anonymous said...

I noticed two new things watching BoftheM for the 100th? time. Former Bowery Boys regular Billy Benedict has a very small part as the newsboy Kelton harasses and Wood regular Conrad Brooks can be seen as an extra sitting on a bench outside a police office.

Doug Gibson