Friday, December 4, 2009

The BEST animated " A Christmas Carol"

Some of us recall seeing this 25-minute "A Christmas Carol" on TV in the 1970s. Alistair Sim plays Scrooge, and he's almost as good as he was in the classic 1952 feature "Scrooge." This is a real Yuletide treat of an animated short that you just can't find anywhere to buy at a decent price. There are used out-of-print VHS tapes for sale at more than $100 on amazon. That's just too much, enjoy it here, courtesy of Google video. Trust me -- this is a great film. It's a Richard Williams production from 1971, also starring the voice of Michael Redgrave.

-- Doug Gibson

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Anonymous said...

For years I waxed nostalgic about this one particular interpretation. I used to tell people about the, once seen, presentation created in a style of moving sketches. Dark and brooding, as well as brimming with England's industrial mills, workhouses and the poor. Lately I have grown weary of the cliches involved with Christmas, but there was a love by the artists to portray what Dickens had in mind. It is a shame not too many are aware of it, or appreciate it, perhaps it is too grim for most.