Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Faster Pussycat, $%$# #$%$!!

FASTER PUSSYCAT! &^%$! &^%$! — Directed in 1965 by "sexploitation" director Russ Meyer, the film concerns the story of three buxom go-go girls who embark on a wild and violent rampage of vengeance on all men they encounter.

Many of the phrases used for the ad campaign best summarize this film: "Belted, Buckled, Booted, and Ready For Action," and "The Sweetest Kittens Have The Sharpest Claws!!!"

I find this film very appealing because it has the potential to appeal to feminist audiences, while at the same time fulfilling the carnal desires of the male audience. This film was a huge hit on the drive-in movie circuit of the mid- to late-1960s. (The last two words of the film's title are not shown due to rules. Picture above is a still from film. This review was originally published in the Standard-Examiner newspaper.)

-- Steve D. Stones

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Jennifer said...

You made no mention of Tura Satana's kickin' HOT body! I'm surprised at you...