Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Plan9Crunch kindle story: Yehudi, a tale of terror from Ogden's Historic 25th Street

At Plan9Crunch we are happy to offer via Kindle a short story, "Yehudi," that is a ghost tale set on Ogden, Utah's Historic 25th Street, a location that is rife with ghost legends. The story is penned by blogger Doug Gibson and offers cover art from co-blogger Steve D. Stones. It's only 99 cents, and we think you'll enjoy the read. To check it out, go here. (The original art that made the cover is below) Also, if you like my story, it's part of an anthology, "Tales From Two Bit Street and Beyond Part II," which can be purchased here.

Here is the pitch at the Kindle site: People usually take a chilly, adventurous delight in detailing the supernatural. They feel an icy breeze, see a ghostly white phantom sliding by, or sense a mostly tender touch. But it's different with Yehudi, the trickster of Ogden's Union Station. He makes a great first impression, until the face below the dark hat is revealed. It's then the terror starts.

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