Monday, September 3, 2012

The Colossus of New York – Colossal Entertainment, 1950s Style

By Steve D. Stones

Next to Gort from The Day The Earth Stood Still and Robbie The Robot from Forbidden Planet, the giant robot in The Colossus of New York may be the most widely recognized robot of 1950s cinema. Poster art of the film depicts the robot as if he is towering over downtown Manhattan like Godzilla and King Kong, when he really only stands about eight feet tall.

A brilliant scientist, played by Ross Martin, is struck and killed by a truck in Norway. His brother, played by Otto Kruger and his father transplant his brain into the head of a giant robot. They desire to keep his genius alive by keeping his brain alive. Martin later realizes he has become a robot and mourns for his wife and child.

The robot eventually becomes out of control and goes on a murdering rampage in New York, making his way to the United Nations building. His long flowing cape and chiseled appearance looks similar to figures found in Ancient Roman times. His eyeless sockets emit a powerful ray, which he uses to destroy people inside the United Nations. Despite the robot’s ability to destroy and kill, he has a desire to do good as his son befriends him and discovers the robot is his father. The robot’s rage is mostly a result of the jealousy he feels of witnessing his brother fall in love with his wife. He desperately asks his father to destroy him.

The film concludes with his young son destroying him inside of the United Nations building. Actor Ross Martin went on to star in the successful 1960s TV show - The Wild, Wild West. Director Eugiene Lourie went on to direct the early 1960s creature feature – Gorgo. Happy Viewing!! (Watch the entire film below!)

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