Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Bloody Valentine – Get Your Heart Broken This Valentine’s Day

By Steve D. Stones

My Bloody Valentine is an early 1980s horror film that follows in the tradition of other holiday horror features, such as Halloween, Friday The 13th, April Fool’s Day, Christmas Evil, New Year’s Evil and Mother’s Day. The film was directed by George Mihalka and takes place in a small Canadian mining town called Valentine’s Bluff.

A group of miners is trapped in a shaft on Valentine’s Day twenty years ago. One of the surviving miners, Harry Warden, survives the accident by resorting to cannibalism. After being rescued, Warden is committed to a mental institution and escapes to kill one of the mining foremen responsible for the mine disaster. He cuts out the foreman’s heart and vows to kill anyone in town if they ever have a Valentine’s Day celebration.

The town sheriff receives a heart shaped box on Valentine’s Day with a bloody human heart in it. Despite this horrific event, some of the town’s young citizens decide to have a Valentine’s Day dance. Another victim is killed at a local Laundromat. Some of the youngsters attending the dance decide to go to the local mine just for kicks. One by one a man dressed as a miner with a pick ax murders them.

The film ends with a surprise ending. Although the acting is questionable with some of the characters in the film, My Bloody Valentine manages to be a fun and entertaining movie. A 3-D remake of the film was made in 2009. The DVD of the remake comes with four 3-D glasses. Fans of the original film may want to consider watching it back to back with the 3-D remake. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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