Monday, December 20, 2010

An animated A Christmas Carol

Some of us recall seeing this 25-minute "A Christmas Carol" on TV in the 1970s. Alistair Sim plays Scrooge, and he's almost as good as he was in the classic 1952 feature "Scrooge." This is a real Yuletide treat of an animated short that you just can't find anywhere to buy at a decent price. There are used out-of-print VHS tapes for sale at more than $100 on amazon. That's just too much, enjoy it here, courtesy of Google video. Trust me -- this is a great film. It's a Richard Williams production from 1971, also starring the voice of Michael Redgrave.

-- Doug Gibson


V. Hamm said...

Thank you so muc!1 I remember this one as a child and it was my favorite! Thank you. Merry Christmas!

V. Hamm said...

Thank you so much for posting this!! I enjoyed this one as a child. It was truly my favorite version of A Christmas Carol.And it is way tooo much they're asking for on ebay or Amazon. I truly thank you so much!!!